[robocup-humanoid] Referee program question

Sebastian Petters sebastian.petters at gmx.net
Sun May 24 14:16:28 EDT 2009

Hi Keith,

i just updated the documentation, which can be found in the folder 
"doc". It contains some C++ code which describes the data package which 
is sent via network. There will be no major changes to the 
GameController until the RoboCup in Graz is over.

The demo client was only intended for testing purposes. The heartbeat 
broadcasted is not necessary and may be used to have a visual feedback 
about active robots in the GameController gui of future versions. If 
this feature is available, i will add a specification of the hearbeat 

If you have any further questions or feedback please feel free to send 
me an email.

Best regards,

Keith Sullivan schrieb:
> While working on the game controller/referee box, a team member has a
> few questions.  Any guidance would be appreciated.  
> The 2009 Rules have the following statement:
> "In 2009 a prototype of a game controller/referee box will be 
> introduced. It will use UDP to broadcast information to the robots like 
> elapsed time, current score, game state (ready, set, playing, finished) 
> and the robot-specific penalized state. The source code will be open. 
> The use of the referee box is voluntarily in 2009 and may become 
> mandatory in later years."
> I presume this is referring to the code located here:
>         http://sourceforge.net/projects/robocupgc/
> ... unfortunately this code has no documentation at all.  No protocols 
> are specified as to how to connect to the referee; only a demo client. 
> However in addition to listening for referee calls, the demo client also
> repeatedly broadcasts robot 'hearbeat' information over UDP every half 
> second.  Is this heartbeat broadcast necessary or even permitted?  Who 
> is the intended receiver of the heartbeat information
> And importantly, is there *any* formal protocol available?
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