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Jörg Zimmer zimmer_j at rbg.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de
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Hopefully my mail on this topic clarified why the 10 seconds advantage might
bring more problems than usage.

In my team we were not all of the same opinion about a better solution.

There are two possible suggestions. But we hope to get your feedback and
maybe find the best solution together.


1.) Instead of giving a 10 seconds disadvantage to all three robots of a
team, apply a 30 seconds removal penalty to only one field player.
Advantage: goalie plays right from the beginning, robot handler only has to
start 2 robots manually.

The third robots start 30 seconds after PLAY signal at the middle line (as
from a penalty).


2.) Set all robots of the team back to the ground line – even the robot
that was set to the center circle before to execute the kickoff. (Not my
preferred solution because the 10 seconds until ball is in play weaken the




Suggestion 1 is my (personally) preferred solution. And my suggestion would
be adding the following text to chapter 8.2.4


If a robot cannot receive commands given by Game Controller software or is
not legally positioned autonomously until the end of ready state, this robot
suffers a 30 seconds removal penalty.  The penalty starts to count when
'PLAY' signal is given. In case of more than one robot of a team suffering
from  this penalty, only one robot of the teams’ choice will be removed. If
only the goal keeper of a team is concerned, this robot may be positioned
manually and a field player can be removed instead.


This would also mean: if you like manual positioning you suffer a 30 seconds
penalty for one robot – no matter if you listen to referee box.



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Jacky Baltes wrote on 2009/09/22:


To encourage teams to use the refereebox, the discussion was to give a
10s advantage to teams that use the refereebox [vote: 7/3].



Suggestion: Find a better solution than 10 seconds advantage to referee box



We share the idea of giving referee box teams a stronger advantage or
disadvantage to non-referee box teams. But we see problems in the 10 seconds
solution. It would mean, that referee box teams may start 10 seconds earlier
than teams not using the referee box. So that referee box team either has to
wait until the ball is in play (10 seconds or touched by other team) what
reduces the advantage to nothing. Or the other team would not be allowed to
touch the ball before its in play anyway. So we will just promote having
robots not moving and waiting for the time to elapse. That would make the
game static and boring. Also we should avoid the situation that one team is
already moving and the other team has to be manually started by humans on
the field.

Some strong teams might be able to score goals within 10 seconds what would
make the game quite unfair. It would not be a nice way of winning a match if
the other team is not allowed to move.


So we like to have a discussion about this and try to find a better way to
motivate teams to use the referee box.




Note: To all who might not know yet: referee box = game controller software

Available here:  <http://sourceforge.net/projects/robocupgc/>

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